The Lab

At Dolce Lusso, we develop our recipes and experiment with new flavors and combinations.   We call this “The Lab”.  Here, we will share updates on new flavors and before we launch them,

We have testers with a refined palette that review our products before we bring them to market.

In the lab right now, we are putting the finishing touches on a few caramels listed below that will be added to the website shortly.

What celebrates fall more than Pumpkin Spice!

Pure pumpkin puree and the spices used to make a pumpkin pie, make this a seasonal favorite.

We are adding them as a seasonal offering.

Pumpkin Spice

We are very excited about our newest Limited-Edition flavor.  It is Smoked Tea.

The flavor from the wood smoked tea gives this caramel an earthy flavor and it is finished with 7-Fire Smoked Salt from Hepp's Salt Company.

Their salts are flavored with natural smoke from wood.   No artificial flavors added.

It is the perfect finish for our caramel.

Smoked tea

Our Cardamom & Honey is a mellow caramel with the infusion of cardamom.

Cardamom is a fragrant flavor that is often used in Indian food.  It can be used for savory or sweet dishes.

When pairing with honey it gives a warmth and depth to the caramel.


Another Limited-Edition caramel are adding is our Chile De ‘Arbol Chocolate Caramel.  We worked for months to infuse the correct amount of heat, which is a surprising aspect of this caramel. The warmth of this caramel doesn't hit you right away but comes on with a mellow heat when eating it.

Chile Chocolate

Check back as we update our new flavor releases!