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When it’s time for a treat, make it count. Skip the bulk candies filled with mediocre ingredients that aren’t going to satisfy. Taste the difference of pure decadence with small batch, artisan made Dolce Lusso Caramels. Slow-cooked caramels made from pure cane sugar, rich creams, and french-processed butters give you a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, unforgettable experience. You’ll wonder how you’ve gone so long without them!

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Small Batch

Dolce Lusso’s head Caramelier has been refining the art and process of Dolce Lusso caramels for over two decades. This is more than a business, it’s a passion that still goes into hand making each and every caramel.

Slow caramelization-h

Slow Caramelization

Dolce Lusso’s dry caramelization process and lower cooking temperatures create smooth, smoky undertones and enhance flavor without using additives or preservatives. A difference you can taste!

Dolce Lusso Confections Caramels Ingredients

Thoughtful Ingredients

Starting with rich cream sourced from a local artisan dairy, all the way to licorice root sourced straight from Iceland, Dolce Lusso only uses the best ingredients to develop the finest flavors and creamiest textures possible.

We are proud to have won awards in the 2020 CARAMEL AWARDS Competition.

The caramel with sea salt and toasted pecan is my go-to favorite.  How do you get that smoky taste without burning them?  The creamy texture never gets stuck on my teeth and I love the size of your caramels.  They are two bites in each one!

Gabrielle H. | Chicago, IL

Simply the best.  My favorite is the black licorice.  A smooth creamy texture highlighting the perfect licorice flavor.  All of my holiday guests agree, these are the best caramels ever!

Daniel W. | Denver, CO

The chile de arbol caramels are truly a decadent experience, starting out with the signature buttery sweetness – rich, but not cloying; consistent in each flavor of Rosemary’s caramels – that’s complimented by the medium heat from the chiles.  The soft, smooth texture yields a melt-in-your-mouth taste sensation.

Daniel D. | St. Paul, MN

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